Rhino poaching toll in South Africa falls 10 percent in 2016

By Ed Stoddard | JOHANNESBURG The number of rhinos poached for their horns in South Africa fell 10 percent in 2016 to 1,054, the second straight year of decline according to government data released on Monday, but conservationists said the levels remain alarming. Rhino poaching rates in South Africa had surged from 83 in 2008…


Vietnam’s marine protected area under threats from a coal plant

With the development of coal power industry in Binh Thuan, the Hon Cau ecosystem is facing serious threats from the current transportation and waste discharge of Vinh Tan 2 plant, the dredging plan of Vinh Tan 1 plant and of the whole five-plant complex in the future. In November 2016, a coal plant’s request to…


Chiến dịch “Chấm dứt sử dụng sừng tê” 2015

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